🙄 *(1).* Take everything as joke.
🙄 *(2).* No one is bigger than others in the group.
🙄 *(3).* Everybody is important in the group. But no one is too important for the group.
🙄 *(4).* Everyone should do his or her best.
🙄 *(5).* Nothing is original, All forwards, (including the message you are reading now).
😜 *(6)* So No need to react, Sometimes repeats are there, Do not bother, Welcome them. It is Normal everywhere.
🙄 *(7).* No one gets paid so it is a thing of love and volunteering efforts.
🙄 *(8).* Live your normal life, you are unique and without some of you the group will be boring.
🙄 *(9).* Never expect someone else to build the group, but do your best by making your contribution.
🙄 *(10).* Group members should learn how to socialize, meet new friends and improve on their social skills.
🙄 *(11).* Groups are always for fun, so let's make and have fun out of whatever is posted. Don't just read a post, make a comment to enrich it.
🙄 *(12).* Don't take every chat too serious because we are all in the group to have fun, learn, entertain each other.

😜 (13). Always spice up the chat group with sexy pictures because most can see better than can read.. 🤣