10 tips for happy seniors

1. Early in the morning if you are woken up by alarm clock, mobile phone, birds chirping or other noises, be happy and count yourself lucky. It means you still own this world.

2. After waking up, drink some water, text people you know, love and care. Greeting them "Good Morning". It means you can think clearly and you are healthy. You can begin a new and beautiful day.

3. You received text messages and calls from friends inviting you to have meals together, play cards and spend times with friends. It means you are friendly and have good relationship with people. Your friends are still thinking of you.

4. Occasionally, some people may speak ill of you or gossip behind your back. It means that you are still a very important person in their heart. They are certainly not doing as well as you in life. You should feel happy and lucky.

5. If you worry about being overweight, you are eating very well and your meals are sumptuous and full of nutrients. Don't worry. All health talks on healthy living, long life, strong immunity are base on food. Just exercise control and everything in moderation.

6. If you often go out with friends, eating, chit chatting, travelling, seeing places and have a change in your environment, it proves that you have some standards in your way of life.

7. If you have feeling when looking or talking with opposite sex, don't feel ashamed. It means you are young at heart and you are very healthy.

8. If you have passed 65, be happy and be contended. According to world survey, only 8 out of 100 people live pass 65 years old.

9. If you can go out and buy ingredients and cook; you see well; hear well; know how to use mobile phone to send text messages; write about your memories; write a story; count yourself very lucky. You have a very successful life.

10. If you are reading this message and a smile on your face, you are a very happy, fulfilled and contended person.

 This message is very meaningful and very true. If you can share the message with friends, it means that you are not selfish, you are kind-hearted; you are a person who cares and loves humankind. Let retiring friends read this message and spread the happiness.