Reader's Digest offers something for everyone. A decent medium sized magazine which is convenient to carry and read as it is not too detailed and are a good combination of happenings around the world and many things. It has been there for a long time and still continues to improve one's information and entertainment.

I think of Reader's Digest with fondness because this magazine could usually be found around my home as common reading fare. Although some serious readers say that digests like RD giving shortened versions of books deprive readers of the much richer reading experience of going through the complete book. On the other hand, they could serve as stepping stones allowing a brief glimpse of the featured book so that readers can get the full book if they liked the abbreviated version. Digests can also serve as trainers for beginning readers to develop the reading habit easily.

The magazine features entertaining human interest articles which tug at the heart, as well as interesting and informative travel and culture articles. However, the articles dealing with politics are quite conservative. RD also has regular sections such as "Laughter, the Best Medicine" which posts humorous anecdotes sent in by readers. I remember using the vocabulary section of back issues as helpful review materials in preparing for school and university exams. I also appreciated the colorful covers with beautiful paintings. With its ubiquitous presence in our home, RD seems like an old, familiar friend.

I grew up borrowing my former teachers' collections for the Laughter the Best Medicine section... Then All in a Day's Work, Life's Like That, Word Power, Quotable Quotes --- until I started reading the more lengthy sections. It has taught me to love reading and I am glad that over the years they did not disappoint in giving me information that made me more educated about different cultures all around the world, religion, psychology, etiquette --- you name it - Reader's Digest got it.

They always go out of their way to feature great life stories from which I could learn a lot from. One issue of the Reader's Digest could keep me entertained for a whole day. It really lives up to its name. It's a shame that the more technology advances, we people have become more engrossed in other leisure activities far less worth the while than reading a good book such as this.

Hence, I would fervently encourage you to buy and read the printed version of RD. Its price is much higher than what we used to buy 20 years ago, but I am sure that it's worth reading. Give a copy of RD to your children or students to instill the reading habit among the young generation and I am sure they will start to like it! Trust me!