Please study the following differences in car prices between the USA and Malaysia.

Mainstream Car Prices

Honda Accord                   
In USA    RM64,440 
In M'sia.  RM150,000

Honda CRV                   
ln USA       RM67,485
In Msia.     RM150,000

Honda Civic                  
In USA        RM47,865
In Msia.      RM115,000

Toyota Altis         
In usa         RM48,390 
In msia.      RM112,000

Toyota Camry                     
In usa.        RM66,165 
In msia.      RM180,000

Kia Sorento                            
Usa    RM69,450
Msia  RM160,000

Hyundai Tucson                 
Usa     RM57,735 
Msia RM140,000

Hyundai Sonata             
Usa         RM62,685
Msis.       RM150,000

Hyundai Elantra                
Usa      RM50,085
Msia.   RM98,000

Luxury car prices

BMW 328i                
Usa   RM109,500
Msia RM300,000

BMW 528i                  
Usa        RM149,000
Msia.     RM400,000

BMW 535i             
Usa             RM157,000
Msia.          RM600,000

BMW X5                
Usa            RM142,500
Msia.         RM580,000

Mercedes E350            
Usa.          RM153,000
Msia.        RM400,000

Jaguar XF      
Usa            RM159,000 
Msia.         RM500,000

Jaguar XJ                 
Usa.           RM221,000 
Msia.         RM1,000,000

Porsche Cayenne            
Usa.         RM 146,000
Msia.       RM570,000

For RM150,000 you get a Honda Accord in Malaysia. For the same price you get a Mercedes Benz E350 in the US. A bigger, better and safer car. So all of you who are driving Honda Accords, you should be driving a Mercedes Benz.

Americans earn about four to five times more than Malaysians. Yet they pay 40% or less for the same car. This means their monthly instalments will also be only 40% of what Malaysians pay. They earn much more than us but they pay much much less than us for the same car.

Malaysians pay 2.34 times what Americans have to pay for the same car. Most Malaysians pay close to 50% of their salary for their monthly payments for their cars. Not only do the banks get an easy ride ('cause everybody is "forced" to take loans), we have to live in debt for over seven years, depriving our family of better food and clothes.

We are making our own people poorer. Entry level graduates earn about RM2,000+ per month. Even if they buy a Proton or Perodua (four tyres, airbags, engine, four doors) they are going to be paying RM400 - RM600 per month in instalments alone. That is about 20% to 25% of their monthly income.

If they buy a slightly better car the monthly instalments may be closer to RM1,000 or 50% of their monthly income. What about non graduates? They can buy motorbikes or used cars.

Kenapalah kita bodoh sangat !?

Let's teach them a lesson, don't buy any car this year, let car market suffer for a year then they will learn a lesson!

***Please share this to every Malaysian you know so that they may realise how we are being cheated in car prices and have been cheated for the past 30 years or more.