Hello my fellow bloggers! It baffles me how top graduates can pass all their examinations with flying colours and become full-fledged doctors and yet possess a poor command of the English language.

Something is certainly wrong with our education system or the graduates themselves are to blame for their lack of proficiency to converse and write decent English.

I have come across many professionals such as lawyers, engineers, accountants etc who went through tough and difficult courses and achieved excellent results.

But when it comes to speaking, communicating and putting words and ideas in English, they stumble, stammer and jumble up their sentences.

Incorrect use of verbs, pronouns, prepositions and the like is grossly apparent. Their grammar is simply atrocious. I can only sympathise with their oral predicament.

How can we arrest and overcome this pathetic state of affairs?

To those graduates in different disciplines, my advice is to form a group and find the time to spare a few hours each week by engaging a good English language teacher and learn to speak the subject in PRIVATE – either in the comfort of their homes or at the houses of their tutors.

Let their tutors guide them so that they will not feel embarrassed, if initially, their grammar is disoriented.

From simple topics to difficult ones, their tutors will guide these graduates to speak and discuss words and phrases that can be easily understood by the listener.

Nobody can find flaws in their speech if the words used are simple and grammatically correct.

Shyness is another obstacle that has to be addressed. This impedes some people from speaking confidently to a stranger(s). They tend to lose their self-assurance.

By frequently interacting with their tutors, these graduates will assert more confidence in their speech.

Another aspect of the poor command of the language is that students and graduates mingle only with their own race. Such an attitude and mindset are certainly not helpful and conducive. We can see this happening every day in schools, colleges and universities.

Upon graduation, this unfortunate state of affairs continues.

Whatever is said and done, I firmly believe the best way to improve our command of the language, for that matter any language, is through speaking.

Thank you.