Gulai Darat

This original spicy curry is prepared using meat as its main ingredient.


This food is based on fish and then made into sauce. It is taken with grilled fish or meat.

Ayam Percik

Grilled chicken with coconut milk sauce is traditionally cooked using original ingredients as heritage. It is served as a special dish for the family members or special guests.

Jala Mas

This is a very popular cake or ' kuih ' in Kelantan. It is based on eggs and sugar and it is known as a Royal Cake. It can only be found in this state.

Lompat Tikam

It can be prepared for daily dish or served during special occasion. This tasty food is not only attractive to the locals but also to the outsiders.

Tepung Pelita

This food is based on flour, coconut milk and sugar. It has two layers. The first layer is coconut milk and for the second layer is flour and sugar. It is put into banana leaf which has been made as its cup.


  1. Wow!..amazing..very nice ..
    terliur tau! nampak sambal tu..

  2. makanan2 ni mmg sangat awesome! mmg terbaiklah! mknn pantai timur mmg best2 kan uncle? :)

  3. Kalu nok makae lopak tikae hok sedap , gie beli kat Pasar Berek Duo Belas. Ado sorghe kakok tu jual ... memae superb.

    Ayae percik Yati hok dok jual di luar dari Koto Bharu dok berapo sedap. Tok brapo nok ORI.

  4. daddy....
    tahniah....... daddy dah berjaya dlm segmen remy .... 2nd Ohsem Anniversary aku cuma seorang kulikutif !!!! let's check out !!!!!

  5. x igt dah gulai darat tu camne dah... huhu

  6. assalamualaikum ... budu tu feveret saya lah ...


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