Kelantan Darul Naim is not only known with its variety of cultures but also famous with its unique food. For centuries, the originality of the taste made by the ancestors is not changed. For those who come to visit here must try this traditional food. You will not forget the taste and for sure you will dream to have it again.

Nasi Kerabu

It comes in three colours which are black, yellow and white. It is eaten with raw vegetables as well as special ' sambal ikan '. It is often taken as breakfast and also for dinner.

Nasi Dagang

If you are in Kelantan, don't forget to try and enjoy eating ' Nasi Dagang '. It is based on red glutinous rice and served with fish curry and raw pickles.

Nasi Tumpang

This special dish is a combination of various rice and curry which is arranged in the layer of triangular banana leaf wrapper.


This type of food is based on rice powder and is served with white coconut milk curry. This traditional recipe is rich of fish and coconut milk. When serving, it is added with leaves eaten raw or ' ulam '.

Solok Lada

The uniqueness of this type of food is where the filling is placed inside the chilly. The filling is made from flesh coconut, fish fillet and coconut milk. This tasty food is suitable to be taken with ‘Nasi Kerabu’ which is also Kelantan traditional food.

Sambal Daging (Meat Floss)

The meat is cut into small pieces and cooked using special spice until it is truly dried. It is delicious to be taken by itself or served with rice.


  1. dalam banyak2 cuma meat floss jer yang saya biasa makan daddy... ^_^ heee...

  2. semua dh pernah mkn...ct kurang ngan nasi dagang je sbb cept kyg..hehhe

  3. wahhh sedapnya daddy zuki , teringin nak merasa nasi dagang , huhu .

  4. Semua saya dah makan, tapi sangat jarang jumpa Nasi Tumpang tu. Setiap bulan merantau ke Kelantan dan Terengganu, hingga ke Golok saya pergi pun tak jumpa juga Nasi Tumpang tu. Boleh suggest tak nak jumpa kat mana. Ianya untuk sarapan kan?

  5. Oh Juk Din!!!...You make me be hungry now ... how I longed to Blue Rice .. nasi krabut...god...yg lain2 xder xpe..

  6. sebagai org besut, semua ni dah biasa mkn kecuali ns tumpang. ns kerabu n ns dagang are my all time favourite


  7. I see you are promoting your Kelantan foods. I will have to promote the same not to be left behind by my neighbouring state

  8. Serunding tu barang wajib bawa balik kalau kelik kelate.

  9. gelora jiwaku melihat keayuan makanan itu tau!..rasa terliurlah..

  10. Kelanantan memang terkenal pandai masak..sedap tu

  11. sedap-sedap belaka


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