Assalamualaikum.... If I had a son, I would teach him the following skills:
1. Camping: plan a weekend camping trip to explore the outdoors; pitch a tent, build a campfire, enjoy bonding time
2. Fishing: teach your kids the art of fishing and patience, (and how to clean a fish)
3. Woodworking: pick a DIY project to do together (birdhouse, toy car)
4. Sports: get outside and play a game of catch
5. Car maintenance: teach the basics (change a tire, check oil, etc)
6. Grilling: teach proper heat, marinades and rubs, how to flip meat
7. Martial arts: join a boxing or jiu jitsu gym together, or just punch a heavy bag
8. How to throw a punch: proper foot and shoulder position, how to guard your face
9. Gardening: plant a small garden together, learn how to care for & nurture the plants
10. Astronomy: get outside and look at the stars, talk about the constellations
11. Biking: just go do it
12. Home improvement: change light bulbs, fix toilets together, etc
13. Chess: one of my favorites, teach strategy, thinking several moves ahead
14. Model building: build model cars/airplanes/trains, emphasize attention to detail
15. Geocaching: a modern day treasure hunt
16. Archery: kids love this, teach technique and patience
17. Rock climbing: builds strength, coordination, and trust
18. Metal detecting: more treasure hunting (bonus points for hiding treasure ahead of time)
19. Photography: teach composition, basics of different lenses
20. Emotional intelligence: how to understand and manage emotions, empathize with others
21. First aid basics: CPR, bandaging wounds, Heimlich
22. Cooking essentials: teach basic healthy meals, kitchen safety
23. Goal setting: create achievable goals, strategies to hit them
24. Public speaking: practice confidently & effectively speaking in front of the family
25. Manners: teach proper social behavior in your region
26. Networking: how to win friends and influence people
27. Basic sewing: how to patch clothes, sew a button
28. Decision-making: how to make a decision based on facts
29. Digital literacy: online safety, basic excel skills
30. Negotiation: learn leverage, create win-wins
31. Laundry & clothing care: washing/folding/stain removal
32. Home security: secure your living space together
33. Environmental stewardship: leave spaces cleaner than you found them
34. Travel: basic planning, how to create itineraries
35. Map reading: kids love maps, teach how to interpret them
36. Electrical skills: safety and handling minor issues (circuit breaker etc)
37. Reading comprehension: analyze and critically evaluate written material
38. Time management: prioritize tasks, set deadlines, avoid procrastination
39. Job interview skills: do mock interviews together
40. Resume writing: write mock resume's together
41. Self-reflection: learn personal strengths and weaknesses
42. Work ethic: teach dedication, punctuality, dependability, thoroughness
43. Bike maintenance: how to fix a tire, adjust brakes, etc
44. Volunteering: go do it together
45. Art appreciation: visit a museum
46. Resourcefulness: thinking outside the box
47. Personal safety: how to avoid dangerous situations
48. Conflict de-escalation: techniques to defuse tense situations
49. Posture: stand up straight, shoulders back, eyes forward
50. Study habits: learn how to learn