Does your car smell funny sometimes? Are you not sure which side the fuel tank is when you are at the gas station?

Here are some nifty car hack tips to help you solve your car problems:

1. Fuel indicator on the dashboard

If you are at a gas station and you are not sure which side of the car the fuel pump is, check the fuel pump icon located on your car’s dashboard. There will be an indicator that shows you which side the fuel pump is located. For example, in the picture above, the fuel pump is on the left hand side of the car.

2. Cupcake liners to catch crumbs

Place a cupcake liner in your cup holder to catch any crumbs or small items to make cleaning easy. This will also prevent any food particles and sticky things from staining the cup holder.

3. DIY car perfume

Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a wooden clothes pin and clip it onto the air vent. This can save you a lot of money and you can change the scent whenever you want.

 4. Wonder Velcro

Does your car floor mat move out of position every time? Here’s how you can prevent it from happening. Stick a piece of Velcro at the bottom on all four sides of your floor mat and press it in position. Your floor mats will not move anymore!

5. DIY phone holder

Can’t find a stable spot for your phone to sit when you need it for navigation? Loop a rubber band through the AC vent and place each end of the rubber band on the top and bottom part of your phone. This is a great hack if you don’t have a phone holder in your car.

6. Toothpaste or coke for foggy headlamps

Use an old toothbrush with some toothpaste and brush the entire headlamp surface, wipe it off with a micro-fibre cloth and watch your dull and stained headlamps become shiny again. A bottle of coke works too!

I hope the abovementioned tricks will do you wonders!

Source: Rayelene Chin


  1. okay velcro tape tu boleh apply dalam kereta nanti.

  2. Yg sepit tu liez pernah buat.. utk buang bau durian dlm kereta hihihi..

  3. macam2 trik boleh cuba nih, yang perfume guna penyepit kayu tu menarik, boleh try nnti nih.

  4. Wah.. Bagus ni.. Mmg mencari tips2 macam ni

  5. It is creative solutions.

  6. Waaaahhh.. banyak cara boleh praktik sendiri dan menarik utk dicuba ni.. tq cikgu abamkie

  7. velcro tu ada try buat kat karpet rumah..tak melekat pula kalau karpet jenis bulu nipis tu kalau kasar menjadi la kot

  8. untuk foggy headlamps tu bole try tuh...

  9. . Toothpaste or coke for foggy headlamps tak pernah tauuu , nanti nak cuba :)

  10. kite letak getah kat telepon asyik terlucut jekkk hehe

  11. Nak try diy car perfume tulah. leh jimat perfume kereta hehehe :)

  12. byk hacks boleh apply ni hehehe

  13. wah bagus tips ni boleh la cuba nanti


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