Have you ever seen how Chinese students cheat on exams?

This is China's national College Entrance Exam, aka Gaokao.

China is seriously serious about gaokao! Chinese Students Could Face 7 Years in Jail for Exam Cheating. So serious that the streets around the testing locations have police guards, passers-by who cause noise during testing days would be fined!

Students must go through security, photo ID, and fingerprint checks.

Surveillance command center inside.

Checking radio signals outside.

If you think Chinese teachers are over-reacting, that’s because you don’t know how Chinese students CHEAT! How CREATIVE and Hi-Tech Chinese can be when it comes to gaokao cheating. Here we go….

Chinese students were caught using high-tech pens that could record the test answers, which were then transmitted to someone outside, who would relay the answers back via an in-ear receiver.

Yes, even shirts were wired up for cheating! On the inside of this shirt, a miniature camera wired up to a mobile phone. Pictures are taken, sent to someone outside, and answers are relayed back via an in-ear receiver.

These normal-looking glasses were equipped with a camera activated by a remote shutter coin. By pressing the coin, it would send monochrome photos to someone outside, how they relayed answers back is STILL UNKNOWN…..

This earring is a receiver! Secret agent tech gadget.

This is a real watch and works perfectly fine. The transparent shell is a display, by key operation, you can control the screen display.

Also in erasers.

Thumb size.

Even as thin as ruler.

These are the known techniques, imagine the unknown…

This is less than 0.01% of everyday Chinese creativity.