It seems that we have taken many things for granted.

When we turn on the switch, we expect light. When we turn the tap on, we expect water to flow.

When we press the lift button, we expect the lift to stop at our floor. Some press the button harder, expecting it to arrive sooner.

We take these things for granted until the system breaks down and we get agitated.

How annoying it can be when we are unable to read our WhatsApp messages or our email doesn't work.

We expect a near-perfect world where clockwise precision is the order of the day.

Another example is our individual freedom, which we have taken for granted.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for standard operating procedures to contain the spread of the virus, we now value and appreciate our freedom and space.

In short, there are hundreds of things we take for granted each day, like going for a walk (our legs are not strong enough) and ability to see or read, until we lose our eyesight.

Can we imagine what life would be like if we are unable to see, read, watch TV or look at the smile on our grandchild's face?

When we attend the funeral of a colleague or relative who died at an early age due to poor health, we promise ourselves that we will have to improve our lifestyle and not go through what our colleague endured during his final days.

Regrettably, on the very next day, we are back to our business-as-usual lifestyles.

Health problems can make daily tasks more challenging, create financial stress and worry, and jeopardise our ability to put food on the table.

With good health, we can do anything. With poor health, we are nothing.

So let's appreciate the little and not-so-little health-related things that we have taken for granted, such as:

MOBILITY: Walking, running, dancing or even just moving are things that most of us take for granted. The principle "use it or lose it" is appropriate here;

BREATHING: Just ask Category 4 and 5 Covid-19 patients, who were in Intensive Care Unit and have just recovered, how it feels to be out of breath.

Do we appreciate that we are still able to breathe? You never know when you won't be able to;

HAVING A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP: We often take sleep for granted. There are millions out there who cannot sleep at night.

They could be suffering from insomnia, have anxiety, stress issues and worries.

So when you wake up fresh and eager to start a new day, be grateful you can sleep soundly;

EATING: For some, even eating is an effort as they are unable to swallow. The same applies to our bowel habits: some have problems defecating; and,

THAT we are normal and not physically incapacitated. Our physical well-being and mental health have long been taken for granted until something untoward happens.

In the light of the above, can we start to reorganise our lives and rethink our priorities and not take things in life for granted, especially in the post-Covid-19 era?