My typical day starts at 5.45 am when I get up from my sleep. After taking my bath and performing my Subuh prayer, I wake my three daughters up. They can get  themselves ready within half an hour. I have my light breakfast before leaving for school. Breakfast only consists of a cup of hot coffee and a few slices of sandwich bread. That's enough to supplement me with some energy to carry out my duties at school.

After taking my girls to their respective schools, I drive to my school. My third girl studies at a kindergarten while her two older sisters go to the primary school next to mine. I am one of the teachers who always arrive early at the school as I want to avoid the massive traffic jam in this small town. Normally I arrive at 7.10am.

My middle girl finishes her lessons at 1 o'clock and then she walks to my school. While waiting for me to finish my class, she surfs the Internet in the staff room. I can clock out of my school at 2.10pm. On our way back, we always stop by the food stall to have our lunch. Then, I will fetch my third daughter from her kindergarten.

As soon as I arrive at home, I take a shower and perform my Zuhur prayer. I barely have time to rest as by 4.30pm I have to fetch my first daughter from her religious class. After performing my Asar prayer, I will go out to buy some packed food for dinner before heading to their grandmother's house for Al-Quran reading session.

Only by 7am my daily schedule is almost over. I can have some time for myself like reading Al-Quran and newspapers as well as watching the news bulletin on TV. But before hitting the sack for that day, I have to fold the clothes and pack my girl's bag for the next day. I can only lie down by 11.45pm and hope to get a good night's sleep.....

P.S. The original entry was posted in July 2013.