And what is all this issue with some Bazaar Ramadhan cancellations this year?

If some friends could sell food via GrabFood, FoodPanda, Lalamove, etc now, just extend similar service during Ramadhan too. If we can't afford a third party delivery services, we could have our own.

It is good too. We could plan how much food to be prepared if customers place confirmed orders beforehand. We could prevent food wastage which happened often during previous Bazaar Ramadhan. It's not something new to some people as well. They have been doing it even without proper technicality via social media.

To enable proper services; tracking and delivery, some companies/banks could put forward the idea to the governments to help kampung folks to do online F & B businesses as well. Not that we don't support delivery services provided by companies mentioned above, but if kampung folks could use their own delivery service, they could maximise their income while providing food service at low cost to customers. They are not like KFC, McDonald's, etc.

If we have some sort of centralised online services for food services to replace conventional Bazaar Ramadhan, health authorities could also chip in by giving some endorsement for sellers who meet some criteria in food preparation before being accepted to use such services. They could also do spot checks to ensure compliances.

From one aspect, we could ensure customers could enjoy cleaner and healthier food during Ramadhan this year. We have couple of weeks to plan this properly, there is no time for complaining and whining.

Bazaar Ramadhan would be extraordinarily different with this kind of approach, but it is much better in so many aspects.