Although Tanah Merah is a small town, it holds a special place in my heart for this is the town where I was born.  Tanah Merah or ‘Tanoh Meghoh' used to be a small town, but has seen major changes in the last decade. The landscape of Tanah Merah is greatly influenced by the Kelantan River and this town is also a historical town. Those old buildings are the face of this town, they reflect the changes that happened in this town over time, they reflect wars and the prosperity of the society.

        There are many places of interest in my hometown. Firstly, a tourist would be interested to go to The Guillemard Bridge. This single-track railway truss bridge located in Kusial. This rustic but magnificent bridge was built in 1925 and was officially opened by the Al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad IV. The scenery from this bridge is breath-taking, the tourist can see the river from the bridge. Today, The Guillemard Bridge is a place where people come to shoot their wedding photos.

        One of the highlights for a tourist would be Bukit Bunga Free-Trade Zone. Bukit Bunga is a village of the Malaysia-Thailand border in Kelantan. This place has the feel of a truck stop. There are roadside stalls selling goods made domestically and also imported products from Thailand. So, the tourists can buy their souvenirs here at unbelievable prices. At the same time, people who come to Bukit Bunga can also get refreshments from the stalls selling drinks and fresh fruits.

       If you are looking for more excitement, then head to Putera Valley Resort. This place is the best place to satisfy your holiday and create a precious memory with your family and friends. If you are looking for a place to release tension, a place to hang out with your family, Putera Valley Resort is the best place for you. This resort provides chalets and a lot of exciting activities such as flying fox, paintball, water crossing, abseiling and many more. So, the tourists can enjoy their holiday with all these activities.

        The conclusion is, even Tanah Merah is a small town, there are so many interesting places in this town and I am proud to have such an awesome hometown. 

The above article was written by my Form 5 pupils namely Adriana, Ahza, Amirah, Wiam and Zubaira.