People are never satisfied with whatever they have. But as we live in this developing country named Malaysia, we cannot expect for much comfort and convenience like other developed nations. Yet, we wish that there are things which could be easier in our beloved country.... Do read my wishes below.

1. We wish... cashless payments were more accessible

Imagine going café hopping with friends, only to realise the last café doesn't accept credit cards, and you've used up all your cash.

This is where eWallets could come in handy. In fact, all you would need to carry around is your phone. Not only can you take flatlay shots with it, you can even pay for all your meals with your phone.

The only problem with cashless payments in Malaysia right now is that we have too many eWallets without a unified solution. Plus, not all cafés accept eWallet payments yet. Once we figure that out, paying with your phone will make life in Malaysia way easier!

2. We wish... finding a parking spot wasn't such a hassle

Sometimes, finding a parking spot actually takes longer than driving to your destination.

You've probably experienced going round and round to find a spot—typical Malaysian double, triple, quadruple parking doesn't help, either.

If there was an app or an easier way to find out which parking spots were still open, it would help save so much time.

3. We wish... visiting the hospital didn't take soooooo long

Falling sick is never convenient, especially if you have to visit the government hospital.

Even if you make an appointment for 10am, chances are you'll only get to see the doctor at 2pm because there are 10 other patients in front of you. That means you'll end up spending the whole day in the hospital.

Of course you can visit a private hospital, but that would be another additional burden on your wallet. Either way, we wish hospital visits in Malaysia were easier to deal with.

4. We wish... the Internet speed would be faster and more stable

One of the worst things that can happen is losing your Internet connection right before you want to send out an important email.

Let's face it, Internet is everything. Without the Internet, you can't work, play, or even navigate to your next location. While free WiFi is becoming more readily available across Malaysia, having high speed and reliable Internet can still be a problem.

Life would be so much easier if there was a telco that could provide fast and stable Internet connection, regardless of the time and place.

5. We wish... owning a smartphone could be easier

It’s no secret that smartphones here in Malaysia are rather expensive.

Some phones even cost as much as (or more than) a fresh graduate’s monthly salary. There are various postpaid plans that offer phone ownership programmes, but these still tend to add up after a long period of time.

If only there was an easier way to get a new smartphone without burning a hole in our wallet.


  1. no.3 mmg stress menunggu..kalau ada fulus lebih, mmg pilih gi private hospital..

  2. semua masalah tu kalau lah boleh di atasi memang negara kita dah superb lah abam Kie. Buat masa ini yang saya rasa ok, internet kira agak laju jugak lah di tempat saya ini.

  3. agree with no. 3. just had this experience end of last month. my 1st experience ever and i could not imagine how uncles and aunties can go thru this every month.

  4. yg no. 3 tu if sakit boleh makin sakit dek nya. ngapa lah tak sah if tak lama bebenar menunggu. wish govnmt should kaji balik their hospital system, pekerja harus di motivate agar lebih more efficient and more bersikap with sense of urgency

  5. I wish there will be no more traffic jam in KL and public transportation is much more efficient

  6. hermm betul tu. semua tu jugak adalah my wishes abam kie..

  7. perkara yang susah menjadi nikmat apabila sudah memiliki

  8. yang no 3 tuh memang tak boleh nak buat apa dah sebab memang ramai betul pesakit. Biasanya Sarie baca buku sementara tunggu giliran jumpa Dr. Kadang-kadang sempat baca separuh buku hehehehehehe

  9. penah terbaca artikel yg mengatakan jalur lebarkt malaysia ni sbnr nya tak laju pun. dlm iklan je ckp 4G 5G laa hakikatnya mcm siput babi kalu compared jalur lebar kt negara lain...


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