I have a close friend from Indonesia. We sometimes misunderstand each other’s words.

1. Bercinta

Me : Awak dah pernah bercinta berapa kali? (How many times have you dated girls?)
Him : (raising his eyebrows) excuse me?
In Indonesia, bercinta means making love. In Malay, it means dating/having relationship.

2. Butuh

Him : Panggil saya kalau abang butuh sesuatu (call me if you need something)
Me : my whaaat?
Butuh in Indonesia means need. In Malay it means dick.

3. Dekat

Him : kakak saya tinggal dekat airport (my sister lives near the airport).
Me : wow, who is she? She works there?
Dekat means near (Indonesia). And it also means “in” (Malay).

4. Pantat

Her : Ouch. Pantat sakit lepas jatuh tadi (Ouch, my butt hurts after I fell)
Me : Monicaaaa! Psssst!
Hahaha. Pantat means butt (Indonesia), vagina in Malay.

5. Cemas/kecemasan

He saw a sign somewhere in Malaysian public place. It says “Pintu Kecemasan”. He laughed harder than he should. I rolled my eyes.
“It means emergency door, read the translation below..will you?” I said.
In Indonesia, it means “the anxiety door”.

That's why I prefer using English when we talk. I can't count how many times we misunderstand each other. But well, Indonesians apparently prefer us speaking in Malay. Oh, our beloved sibling, Indonesian!