Assalamualaikum. Do you have a Twitter account? I do have one which I reopened two months ago. My former Twitter account gained almost 345 followers most of whom I didn't know who they were! They came from all over Malaysia but majority of them were from Indonesia. I wonder what made me attractive to their eyes! 

So why did I sign up for a twitter account then? First, I want to get the latest news from newspapers and television channel by just checking their tweets on my timeline. I need not to browse every single daily newspaper's website just to keep abreast with the current issues around me. It's a tedious process, you know, having to check their websites.

Furthermore, I also want to have some new friends online. At present, my followers stand at 30. Huh, what a long way to go before I could match my previous twitter account's followers. It is a sad thing because the person I follow may not follow back. In Facebook, mutual friendship exists as we have to approve the other party's request before we are declared friends. But in Twitter, it is a single-sided communication where we're merely fans to the celebrities, TV stations, newspapers and politicians.

In short, twitter is a not a popular form of social media like FB and IG in our country. But it is a good practice to have a twitter account though we might not check it out that often. 

By the way, if you want to follow my twitter account, my handle or ID is 'abamkie'. So please follow me now and I will surely follow you back! Thanks a lot....


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