I know that some of my pupils cannot afford to buy the revision books to prepare for their coming SPM starting from 3 November. So, I decided to donate some workbooks and exercise books to them last week. After all, those book were given to me by the salesmen who kept coming to school to give free copies to me and other teachers here. So why not I pass all those books to them? By doing this I will help my needy pupils to revise their lessons and attempt exercises in those books.

I must admit here that I have a soft spot for books. When I was studying at the University of Malaya, the bookshop there was my favourite place to idle my time while waiting for the next lectures. The books sold were inexpensive and I hope they are still cheap! Every visit to Pekan Buku UM would end up in my buying books, magazines or simply newspapers! 

I fervently hope that my pupils would fine all those books helpful. If they obtain good grades in English Language next year, I will be extremely pleased with their achievement! God willing!