To all my blog readers, I would like to wish all of a you a Happy Eid Fitri. May this festive season give a lot of joys and happiness. Thank you for your support so far and I believe that our friendship will last even though we might not see in person.

Potato chip Without Salt is on The Table
Relationship without Fault is Impossible

The End of Ramadan is coming

How Sweet It’s Gonna Be
If Forgiveness is Uttered Sincerely for All Mistakes and Faults Done

Forgive All the Faults
Mistakes and Sins...
Wish All of You Get the Spirit of Fitrah
And Share a Joyful Moment 2 Everyone

May the Sight of the Moon
Glitter All Through Ur Way
And Bring U Loads of Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

All Misunderstood
All Negative Thoughts
All Fake behaviours
All Lies
All What We Felt Yesterday
Throw it away!!

MINAL Aidil Wal Faidzin

May Your Eid Will Be Your Pot of Joys and May You Will be blessed on This Glorifying Day...

Best regards from Abe Kie and Family.