Assalamualaikum.... If I had a son, I would teach him the following skills:
1. Camping: plan a weekend camping trip to explore the outdoors; pitch a tent, build a campfire, enjoy bonding time
2. Fishing: teach your kids the art of fishing and patience, (and how to clean a fish)
3. Woodworking: pick a DIY project to do together (birdhouse, toy car)
4. Sports: get outside and play a game of catch
5. Car maintenance: teach the basics (change a tire, check oil, etc)
6. Grilling: teach proper heat, marinades and rubs, how to flip meat
7. Martial arts: join a boxing or jiu jitsu gym together, or just punch a heavy bag
8. How to throw a punch: proper foot and shoulder position, how to guard your face
9. Gardening: plant a small garden together, learn how to care for & nurture the plants
10. Astronomy: get outside and look at the stars, talk about the constellations
11. Biking: just go do it
12. Home improvement: change light bulbs, fix toilets together, etc
13. Chess: one of my favorites, teach strategy, thinking several moves ahead
14. Model building: build model cars/airplanes/trains, emphasize attention to detail
15. Geocaching: a modern day treasure hunt
16. Archery: kids love this, teach technique and patience
17. Rock climbing: builds strength, coordination, and trust
18. Metal detecting: more treasure hunting (bonus points for hiding treasure ahead of time)
19. Photography: teach composition, basics of different lenses
20. Emotional intelligence: how to understand and manage emotions, empathize with others
21. First aid basics: CPR, bandaging wounds, Heimlich
22. Cooking essentials: teach basic healthy meals, kitchen safety
23. Goal setting: create achievable goals, strategies to hit them
24. Public speaking: practice confidently & effectively speaking in front of the family
25. Manners: teach proper social behavior in your region
26. Networking: how to win friends and influence people
27. Basic sewing: how to patch clothes, sew a button
28. Decision-making: how to make a decision based on facts
29. Digital literacy: online safety, basic excel skills
30. Negotiation: learn leverage, create win-wins
31. Laundry & clothing care: washing/folding/stain removal
32. Home security: secure your living space together
33. Environmental stewardship: leave spaces cleaner than you found them
34. Travel: basic planning, how to create itineraries
35. Map reading: kids love maps, teach how to interpret them
36. Electrical skills: safety and handling minor issues (circuit breaker etc)
37. Reading comprehension: analyze and critically evaluate written material
38. Time management: prioritize tasks, set deadlines, avoid procrastination
39. Job interview skills: do mock interviews together
40. Resume writing: write mock resume's together
41. Self-reflection: learn personal strengths and weaknesses
42. Work ethic: teach dedication, punctuality, dependability, thoroughness
43. Bike maintenance: how to fix a tire, adjust brakes, etc
44. Volunteering: go do it together
45. Art appreciation: visit a museum
46. Resourcefulness: thinking outside the box
47. Personal safety: how to avoid dangerous situations
48. Conflict de-escalation: techniques to defuse tense situations
49. Posture: stand up straight, shoulders back, eyes forward
50. Study habits: learn how to learn


  1. Banyaknya skill nak kena ada untuk 50 perkara tu.

  2. Saya salut kalo ada seorang ayah yg bisa dan paham mengerjakan semua 50 points di atas 😮😮👍. Saya dan suami tak sepintar itu pula 😅.

    Tapi untuk poin astronomy, sulit sangat Abang. Dah tak bisa lihat bintang di sini, polusinya dah teruk sangat 😅

  3. Pendek kata banyak perkara perlu dicuba.

  4. wah banyk skil perlu ketahui tu

  5. Sebab tu jgn kata penyibuk bila anak kecil dtg mengganggu kita sedang bekerja ... Develop their skill sgt penting especially zaman sekarang ni

  6. very good.. boleh share kat husband

  7. Lucky that son to have this father.


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