The principal's office plays a crucial role in education. The school is supposed to be managed by a principal. Obviously with the assistance of his team. He needs to make decisions swiftly and establish an environment that will allow both the teachers and the pupils to develop. Only a man with a track record of success is eligible for the position of school principal. I, for one who works as a teacher does not have the qualifications needed to be an institution's principal. I am unable to strive to be one. But it would be fantastic if something like that from fairy tales could come true and I were given the chance to lead my school. I'll put into action the plans I've loved for so long.

If I were the school's principal, I would make a number of changes to the way the institution is run. Most laws and regulations need to be updated because they are now largely out of date. The students are overworked and barely ever have they had time to play. First and foremost, I would make this school progressive. It has sophisticated equipment with a stronger emphasis on smart whiteboards. Compared to the traditional whiteboards, it was specifically designed to be hassle-free, and teachers find it to be much more convenient because they only need to touch it or give it a signal to operate it. For those who have vision issues, it is simpler, faster, and offers sharper graphics or writing. Additionally, there would be no longer be a need to purchase markers, allowing money to be saved for other activities.

My standard school canteen should be converted into a food court, as I have always wished. In the future, if I were a principal, this would take precedence over all of my other ideas. Teenagers today often favour variety in their diets since they grow easily bored with the standard restaurant menu. Because of this, I want to change the cafeteria so that students won't feel bored every time they go for breakfast. Additionally, since the daily menu at the food court is unpredictable, we may encourage the kids to attend class every day by doing this. Additionally, by working with the food court team to produce a tasty menu but a balanced diet for the children, the school administration and school authorities might use this as an opportunity to teach the pupils to consume nutritious food.

Then, I'd encourage lots of extracurricular activities and sports, like football, horseback riding, swimming, acting, music, and photography, among many others. For example, I would engage a professional photographer to teach the pupils photography and the arts in order to give several courts with knowledgeable trainers in all sports or even other areas of society. The pupils would continue to enjoy their extended school days and would continue to look forward to attending. The pupils will remain delighted and be better able to retain the lessons from the most challenging subjects when there are so many engaging activities available to them. Additionally, this provides all players with employment options to instruct students in certain sports as specialist coaches.

In the future, we would solely utilise electronic textbooks, thanks to our partnership with Apple, which we would use with the iPad. An iPad will be given to each student in place of several, bulky textbooks. We no longer need to lug along bulky baggage thanks to the iPad. Additionally, doing it this way helps keep students' hunchbacks at bay. A lot more notes might be saved on an I pad because it has more storage space than books, which we constantly need to replace once they are completely consumed. Additionally, there is no chance of losing notes, and carrying an iPad instead of a book is far more convenient. This iPad was specifically designed for educational use. Students could therefore rapidly access the internet and find HOTS questions and answers on the spot. Kids can communicate with other schools, including those overseas, to exchange numerous ideas and details about other kids.

Not to mention, I would implement a fingerprint attendance system at my school. This fingerprinting mechanism is regarded as the school's secure and trustworthy method of monitoring attendance. The methods aid in entirely preventing buddy punching, spoofing, and other forms of attendance fraud. In this way, absent kids may be quickly found by school officials. Additionally, a percentage of students' attendance statistics are automatically calculated. Using this fingerprint methodology to calculate the percentage is more precise and efficient than doing so manually. By doing so, you may also prevent students from fabricating their attendance when they are actually absent because that is what most students do.

If I ever get the chance to lead my school, I'll do all in my power to be the best possible leader. My goal is to turn my school into a shining example of a progressive institution. I'll make sure everything at my school is carried out in a methodical, scientific manner. To eliminate delays and paper work, procedures will be made simpler. Efficiency and economy in the running of the school shall be emphasised. My goal is to create an environment where children may develop their identities on all levels.