Here are some dos and don'ts to help you prevent those types of male infertility that are avoidable.


1. Eat well

A well-balanced and nutritious diet ensures good and healthy sperm production.

2. Sleep well

Having adequate sleep (about six to eight hours per day) helps the body repair itself and stay healthy, which will in turn promote good sperm 5production.

3. Take supplements

Vitamins A, C and E, zinc, selenium and CoQ10 all contain antioxidants that are important for men's health.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise can improve sperm quality and increase the chances of achieving pregnancy.

5. Lose weight (if overweight/obese)

Excessive fat in the body can cause reduced testosterone levels, and subsequently lower sperm production.

6. Wear loose underwear

Wearing loose underwear or boxers ensures the testes are at the ideal temperature to function at an optimal level.



It is known that tobacco and combusted chemicals in tobacco products impair the reproductive ability of sperm.

2. Stress out

Stress can decrease sexual and interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm.

3. Vape

Vaping has the same impact on sperm health as smoking, due to the chemicals being inhaled into the body.

Source: Dr Navdeep Singh Pannu