Apart from the usual pandemic and lockdown blues, another issue we're facing except the data crunch and speeds is the issue of lack of space, irrespective of the internal storage of our phones, the data we are generating on a daily basis is pretty enormous.

Also because Cloud storage can essentially be the future of storage in all devices, Here's an app to provide you 1TB of cloud storage for absolutely free !!! isn't that amazing? We've attached the link for Dubox in the end of the article.

Basically, with this, you can get 1TB of storage space Free, backed up safely so you don't lose anything important.
Dubox lets you transfer and upload files to the cloud where you can view and manage everything and also can share with whoever you want with a single tap.
And it is sync-able across all your devices, letting you manage your stuff from your PC or tablet connected, from anywhere you wish.

A few of the distinguishing features of the app are as follows...
  • Upload Pics, Videos Documents, and almost anything from your Android device.
  • Access all your uploaded content at one place from any device no matter which of your device it came from.
  • Access your Photos and videos with integrated players and viewers within the app.
  • Create additional folders within your uploads.
  • Download your stuff to any synced device. (Android)
  • Search your data to find it quickly.
  • Access without internet connection !
 So why don't you give it a try? After all, it is free! For more info, just check out its website i.e. www.dubox.com

Source: TEC2