Plz read and comprehend.... Our generation now.

Welcome to the 21st Century where sex is free and love is a pocket full of notes, where losing your phone is worse than losing your values. Where it is fashionable to smoke and drink, and if you don’t you’re obsolete. Where men cheat on their women with smiles, and if women do not do the same or worse, it is because they are afraid of believing that they will be caught. Where the bathroom was made for photos.

21st Century, where women fear pregnancy more than HIV. Where the pizza delivery service arrives faster than the ambulance. Where people die of fear of terrorism and criminals more than their conscience. When clothes decide the value of a person, and having money is more important than having friends or even family.

21st Century, where children are able to give up their parents for their virtual love. Where men and women only want relationships without obligations. Where love is a thing.

A great 21st Century, where social media tells you how to live your life and gives you a fake perspective of life.

21st Century where society is fake believing it’s perfect!

21st Century, here you only survive if you play with reason, and you are destroyed if you act with your heart.

21st Century where technology advances have changed our humanity.

21st Century where others drag you down rather than to inspire you.

21st Century where tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values.

21st Century where a lot of fake personality hiding on their true identity.

21st Century where others taking photo of their food first rather than praying. Where scandal videos are just like an anime spreading in social media.

21st Century where Tattooed people easily compared to a bad person.

21st century where your grammar is bad and people point it out instead of understanding.