I was so frustrated with this boy from the last class in form 5 who didn't even attempt the multiple-choice questions! He wrote down his name and dozed off until his question paper was collected by my colleague. What else can I do?

When I asked his classmates, they told me that this lazy lad had been giving problems to the teachers since he was in form 4. For example, he always came late to school and even if he was in the classroom, he did not pay attention to the teacher who was teaching him. He had the guts to sleep until the class was over. Occasionally, he even overslept so his younger sister had to wake him up since they came to school together by motorcycle.  

Upon further query, his classmates told me that he was involved in drugs. That explained why he always slept during the day but stayed awake at night! I got to know that his father had just been released from the drug rehabilitation centre a few months back. What I can say: like father, like son.

So, my friends, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?