Last Saturday when I was teaching my 5 Silikon students during the monthly SPM academic camp, my colleague, Abang Aziz told me that my former Physics teacher, Tuan Haji Burhan Ramli was also giving a talk to the science stream students in the seminar room just a block away. Yes, I still remember him vividly as he taught me this killer subject when I was studying in Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang (SMACH) 28 years ago. At that time, I did not fancy the pure science subjects as I found them challenging and tricky. My brain was more inclined to language and social science subjects. Therefore, it best explained why I did not get a credit for Physics in SPM as I was not good at science concept and calculation. Poor me.

Armed with 4As in SPM 1990, I did apply for the foundation course in TESL offered by three public universities namely UM, UPM and UKM. Though I ticked UPM as my second choice, I was given a place at the renowned university in Malaysia, UM. As a village boy, I was not certain if I could survive the Pre - ESL course in UM. But somehow, I pulled through.  

OK, back to my former Physics teacher, Mr Bob. For your information, he is the chief SPM examiner for Physics at the national level. On top of that, he is also the chairman of the Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia (Super Teachers Council). Wow! He has gone all the way to achieve these feats! I am proud of him. So, it's quite amazing of me to meet him again after 27 years!

So the moral is, do always remember and keep in touch with your former teachers as you will never know when you are able to meet them again. Then, give your full concentration when your teachers are teaching. Till then enjoy you days!