I received a blog comment from my former students at SMK Majakir, Papar, Sabah one day in 2008. These two girls were the ones who always helped me to organise events for the English Language Society back in 1999. Their effort and endless help were certainly a boon to this young English teacher back then. Melannie Mujip, fondly known as Milan, was the best student for my subject while her other two buddies, Afflicia Soudi and Norliliana Abdullah, did try their best to match her in this language subject.

I was deeply astonished by her good command of language despite growing up in a small village. Never did in my short teaching span I bump into an outstanding kampong girl who could write flawless essays, which to a certain extent, made me speechless. I am still keeping her composition book until today.

Back to present, she is now a prosperous Internet entrepreneur who makes a living out of rubber stamps! What a unique idea she has. Her business is expanding and I fervently hope that she would be financially independent one day.

Above are the pictures of her wedding together with her other classmates, Irfan, Syahran, Afflicia and Liana. Lastly, I hope that she will be blessed with some children who can make her marriage more blissful. In sha Allah!

P.S. Her blog can be accessed HERE.