I have been paying my income tax since 2002 as part of my contribution to this developing country. However, I personally feel that I am not appreciated by the government despite paying tax annually without fail. Yes, I might have received the annual one-month bonus from the government but the amount is incomparable to what I have paid to the Inland Revenue Board.

I also notice that I have been overcharged by the IRB as I paid more than I should have been. Although I made a request for tax refund, they never entertained my request and simply ignored it. Their lame excuse is ‘We will investigate through the matter and get back to you shortly’. No wonder, they sent me a letter informing me that I was not eligible for the elusive refund.

However, last week, upon returning from my school, I was beaming with joy as I was tearing an envelope from the IRB. Inside the envelope, I found a cheque amounting to RM421.85 payable to me. Alhamdulillah, my wish was granted by Allah. I then dashed straight way to Maybank to bank in the cheque.

My colleague said that once I got a refund from the IRB, I would always receive it from them as my name was already in their pay list. Well, I look forward to another pay check from them next year!