The big day finally came. Yes! The Teacher's Day is celebrated on 16 May in Malaysia. So for this year, all schools in our country celebrated it on the day itself with all sorts of events to appreciate the teachers who have contributed to the learning process of the schoolchildren.

At my school, Teacher's Day is a big affair where the prefects’ board and the Counseling Unit joined forces to organize the school level celebration. This year, the celebration started with the procession of all teachers to the Titah Paduka Square. The female teachers looked resplendent in their pink baju kurungs while their male counterparts wore white shirt and black pants, complete with black coats. As usual, the assembly began with the reading of speeches by the Minister of Education and the Education Director General. Then, some students performed a mini drama entitled ‘Si Tenggang,’ poem recitation, choir and ‘nasyid’. The teachers also wanted to show their hidden talent as a few came on stage to render some evergreen songs.

After that, we took a break for an hour before the telematch started. In this competition, the teachers were divided into eight groups which meant there were eight stations that they had to rotate among themselves. I was in Group 5 with other eight teachers and all of us cooperated well enough to successfully accomplish all games in every station.

After all teams had carried out the tasks in the telematch session, they had to prepare a breakfast of roti canai and ‘teh tarik’ although the clock had struck 1 at that time. They were given 5 minutes to complete the task.

After all events were over, all teachers adjourned to the canteen to have their lunch, courtesy of our beloved Principal, Kak Pah. We had roasted fish, raw vegetables and leaves which were served in ‘kampung’ style.

My ex-students who sat their SPM in 2006 also to their alma mater to take part in this year’s Teacher's Day. Indirectly, they were here to wish me a Happy Birthday. How old am I now? I turn 40 on 19 May 2013, still young and available!