Life is full of unfriendly friends.

Some people didn't die when the arrow was in their chest, they died when they saw who threw the  arrow. 

Here are 12 Signs of Unfriendly friends;

1. Unfriendly friends plot against you at night and laugh with you in the morning. They smile a lot and act nice to you, but really, they are talking and gossiping behind your back.

2. They appear when they need you and disappear when you need them the most. They are very selfish and self-centered.

3. Your Success threatens them. They get upset when something good happens to you. They are highly covetous.

4. They blackmail you emotional. Takes advantage of you. Cause you pain, hurt you and deceive you.

5. They always try to compete with you and make you feel they are better than you.

6. Unfriendly friends always criticize you negatively. They constantly point out all the negative things about your Life. They don't see anything good about you.

7. They discredit you and doubt everything you say or do. They hold you in low esteem and spread lies about you. They lack faith in you and belittle your achievements.

8. They are not consistent. You cannot depend or rely on them. They are not trustworthy.

9. Unfriendly friends don't feel bad or remorse when they hurt you. They never apologize rather they are judgmental; always feeling they are right.

10. They rejoice when something bad happens to you. Your pain gives them Joy.

11. Unfriendly friends will never patronize you even if you sell the secrets to Long Life and Prosperity, all because of envy and jealousy.

12. They are happy when you share your secrets with them, because, they are going to use it against you, to blackmail, hurt or betray you without your notice.

Sometimes, your problem is not the Problem; your actual Problem is the person you tell your problem.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked who can know it?

Thank You So Much For Reading Through 🥰.


  1. pernah je ada kawan mcm ni, but bila dah sedar tu..memang cuba jauhkan diri.. bahaya sgt kan..
    morning & have a good day!!

  2. Sebenarnya ramai kawan macam ni....

  3. It is better to have no friends than to be friends with such people.

  4. Itulah kenapa saya sangaaaaat susah nak memilih kawan rapat. Kawan banyak , tapi yg saya percaya benar2 bisa dihitung pakai 1 tangan.

    Lebih baik sedikit kawan rapat, drpd dapat yg tak bisa dipercaya kan. Musuh dalam selimut betul 🤣

  5. alhamdulillah bila umur meningkat ni mama lebih pandai baca org insya allah

  6. I used to have unfriendly friend. I did not notice until recently she is not worth for my friendships.

  7. How i wish we could filter our friends just before making friend with them.

  8. mujur kawan baik saya bukan spesis macam ni..alhamdulillah..

  9. Sbb tu berkawan berpada2 tapi bab percaya jgn mudah diberi.. Thank atas perkongsian.. :D


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