1. Don't buy an expensive phone. A new version will come out even before you've finished paying for it. 

2. Don't buy an expensive bag. Replicas are scattered everywhere. Only a trained eye will see that it's genuine. 

3. Don't buy expensive shoes. You can't walk like a duck trying to keep it from deforming with every use. 

4. Don't buy expensive clothing. You can't walk around showing the small tag behind your nape. 

5. Don't buy an expensive watch. A 100-peso vintage watch online looks good too, and all kinds will tell the same time. 

6. Don't buy expensive undergarments. 

It's not allowed to walk in public wearing only a Victoria's Secret bra and panties. 

7. Don't buy expensive cars. It depreciates with every kilometer it runs. Your 1.2 Million-Peso SUV will sell for only 500K. 

8. Don't buy a huge house. Too much space creates distance between family members. They'll grow old and leave anyway. 

9. Always settle for the justified price. You can do more with two for the price of one. 

10. Remember that it's not the brand that carries you. It's how you carry the brand.