If your car is hit from behind, here are some tips from a lawyer:

1. Don't freak out if someone hits your car from behind; just take it easy.

2. Park your car on the side of the road in a safe place with plenty of room. This is done so that traffic won't get too bad.

3. When the car that hit your car also stops, take your camera-equipped cell phone and get out of your car.

Remember! Do not bring dangerous tools like steering locks, machetes, iron tools, and so on, because you could be charged of trying to hurt people or damage public property.

4. Take a picture of the car's licence tag and road tax. This will help you find out who hit you.

5. Greet the driver who hit you well when he gets out of his car. Don't keep cursing at him, even if you can't smile at him.

6. Be nice to him and ask him why he hit your car.

Most of the time, when this happens, each person will try to blame the other.

Control your anger and don't argue, fight, and argue there because it won't solve the problem and will only cause a traffic jam.

7. If you can, ask the driver who hit your car to show you his driver's licence or ID card. Take a picture of his licence or ID card.

8. Don't force him to plead guilty or pay you money if he doesn't admit to hitting your car. Tell him that, officially, if a car hits another car from behind, it is the fault of the car that hit the other car.

9. If he admits fault, ask him to pay to have your car fixed. I'll say it again: you don't have to ask him for money. Take him to the repair shop you usually use so they can figure out how bad the harm is.

Even if you have other things to do, if you can keep going, don't stop. The problem is best solved as soon as possible.

10. Don't forget to get his phone number or business card so you can contact him quickly in the future.

11. If he insists on not pleading guilty and doesn't want to pay to fix your car, that's fine. Just don't attack him or do anything else that could be called a crime.

Just let him go. This is because you know everything about the car and about him.

12. Go to the nearest police station right away and file a report.

13. Use the police report you got earlier to go to JPJ and look for vehicles to find the insurance company for the car that hit yours earlier.

14. Go straight to the insurance company's panel shop and ask them to handle the third-party claim so that your car can be fixed.

Take care on your way back to the village.

Adrian Cavanaugh is to be credited.



  1. Harus benar benar berhati hati di jalan ya Wak...karena kita dah hati hati belum tentu pengguna jalan yang lain tertib lalu lintas, tak jarang apesnya terkena ditubruk kendaraan belakangnya.trims buat tips tipsnya

  2. benda boleh settle elok2 kan abe kie. jgn gaduh2 buat drama dekat tepi jalan. nanti jalan sebelah yg jem huhu

  3. so true..semua tu, godd sharing.. tq!

  4. Yang penting, kena kekal tenang bila terjadi kemalangan.

  5. tq for sharing...mmg gelabah kalau kena mcm ni..

  6. Uncle baru je kena macam ni... Setel tepi. No gaduh2

  7. Langgar dr belakang mmg org belakang confirm salah... serahkan pada pihak polis je

  8. Sometimes you feel anxious that you can not think properly.


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