In China, from the moment you were born, there was a hand pushing you forward. You have no choice!

In China, you were born and there were 4 babies crying in the same delivery room as you! Despite the drop in birth rates, more than 10 million children were born in China this year. An average of 30,000 per day!

After you go to school, there are 20-60 students in a class. Your parents tell you over and over again starting at age 3. If you don't get more than 95 points in the test (out of 100 points), you can only be a beggar in the future. Of course, those dozens of other kids heard the same thing from their parents.

You graduate, and for any decent job, there are hundreds or thousands of people competing for you.

You want to be in love, and suddenly there's a bunch of handsomer, taller, more humorous, stronger, piano-playing, cooking, fucking bank employees and doctors! You have to compete with them!

Even more terrifying, her mom asks if you have a million dollar house, luxury car in the city! You might only have $1,000 a month's salary at the time.

You decide to work hard to increase your wealth! Soon you will find that there are a lot of people who arrive at the company earlier and get off work later than you. Of course, your ability is not necessarily stronger than them!

It may be that God, Sakyamuni, and Brahma think you are too pitiful and think you should not be single! Send you a beautiful woman to marry.

After marriage, you often hear her say that whose husband has been promoted again, whose family has bought a new house, whose children have gone to better schools...

Later, you are very happy to have your own children. You tell him viciously that if you don't get A's, you can only become a beggar in the future...

One day, you finally died, turned into a ghost, and found that the cemetery was crowded too!