I'm sure you're all aware of Reader's Digest, the world's most widely circulated magazine. Although many magazines have ceased printing print editions, RD strives to do this for its loyal readers. If you're in any bookshop today, I'm sure you'll see a copy of this magazine.

While I was a student at SM Sains Machang (SMACH) in 1986, I was exposed to Reader's Digest. Mr. Sam, my Form 1 English teacher, used to bring a few copies of RD to class to encourage his students to read. Yes, I quickly developed a fondness for this modest publication. Even when I was studying TESL at the University of Malaya, I made it a point to buy RD whenever I had some spare cash. The price was less than RM10 in the early 1990s, but it has recently risen to RM15 for each copy.

Even as a grownup and an English teacher, I continue to read this magazine in print or electronic format. I never think twice about spending money on reading materials because I see it as a long-term investment in my knowledge.

Reader's Digest is perhaps one of the few publications I could tolerate at the moment. While some of the pieces bore me (and I could never get into the fiction), I enjoyed the humour portions and the end-of-article tags. To pass the time, I'd generally wind up reading the articles anyway.

Reader's Digest is highly recommended if you wish to improve your reading skills.