*Jack Ma's advice*👍

“A cleaning lady bought some health products. The people around her asked, "You work so hard every day with a little income, why are you so willing to spend so much to look after your health?"

The aunty's answer amazed everyone and made everyone realized the importance of good health.
"More than a decade ago, my dad saved $800k, all of it was spent to pay the hospital that admitted my grandpa"

"3 years ago, the $300k that I saved for more than a decade, all of it was spent to pay the hospital that looked after my dad ...”

All the money we had saved in my family in 2 generations went to the hospital.

I do not want to burden my children in future. I do not want to work to pay for the hospital bills for three lives!

Therefore, I must take good care of my body so I do not get sick easily and remember:

Please be nice to yourself!

Health, no matter how expensive it is, it is not as expensive as medical fees!

If someone talks to you about health, you have to appreciate it and be grateful to them.

People usually keep their money with three sentences:
* I am not interested.
* I do not need.
* I cannot afford.

But people can lose all their money when they hear three sentences from the doctors:
- you are very sick.
- it's ok, we can try to cure you.
- but the treatment is not cheap.

The doctor only talks to us for 3 minutes, and we are willing to spend our 30 years of savings....

1️. do not show off our money, they are like papers in hospital.

2️. do not show off our position. If we fall sick, countless people will replace us and perform even better.

3️. do not show off our house. Once we die, it is someone else's shelter.

4️. do not show off our car. Once we are gone, the car key will be in someone else's hands!

The only thing we can show off is our health!

With health, we can bask in the sun, drink tea, enjoy a healthy & happy life!

Please be kind to ourselves as our body parts are irreplaceable and priceless! Once they are malfunctioned, we will all suffer😭