Dear Malaysians,

Jawi is a language script, it will not turn you into a Muslim. Quite similar as to how Japanese hiragana cannot turn you into a samurai.

Learning English or any other languages will not strip you of your cultural identity. Quite unlike accents though, as for some people a 3-hour transit in Heathrow Airport is enough to afflict them with a British accent.

There is no excuse not to learn and speak Malay. You are a Malaysian citizen and you should be able to converse in our national language, however badly.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a cultural celebration, not a religious one. You will not turn into a Taoist if you stare at red lanterns for too long. 

Deepavali is a religious celebration for the Hindus while there are a whole lot of new year celebrations in April that are cultural celebrations of various ethnic groups. You can know this too if you have Hindu and Indian friends.

Wearing a Santa Claus suit will not turn you into a Christian. He is just a judgemental overweight old man who has been known to kiss women under the mistletoe. He has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ.

Hot dogs aren't actually dogs.

Root beer isn't alcoholic.

A wombat isn't a pig.

Saying Merry Christmas isn't a spell to weaken your faith. 

Have friends of other races and religions. Don't complain about racial segregation if your 5 closest friends are of the same race and religion as you.

We live in a multicultural, multi faith country, no one is superior to anyone else. If you think you are, you are the cause of racial disharmony in this country.

Refugees are human beings too and should not be discriminated against for the persecution they have escaped from. Migrant workers are not slaves. Domestic workers should be given the same rights and benefits of an employee. Don't pray five times a day, praise worship in church or light joss sticks and oil lamps in temples if you treat them like crap. 

Abusing and killing, dogs and cats out of hatred just shows what a sick human being you are, whether you are a council worker or a random home owner fed up with cat poo, you are a sick bastard.

The year is 2020, are we evolving or regressing?

PS: If for some reason you want to share my random afternoon musings while I was digesting my Laksam Kelantan, please do go ahead. 

Complete credits to n copy and pasted from: Cecilia Alphonso