I REFER to Budget 2019’s fuel subsidy, whereby the government will subsidise 30 sen/litre for petrol up to 100 litres per month for cars and 40 litres a month for motorcycles.

I suggest the subsidy be for M40 and B40 groups only, instead of for all based on car engine capacities of 1,500cc and below, and motorcycles 125cc and under.

Further, the subsidy could be paid every six months, subject to the following:

1. Owner must be qualified and registered as M40 and B40 group.
2. Owner can claim for one car or motorcycle only.
3. The vehicle owner licence is valid. If expired, they have to renew it.
4. The vehicle road tax is valid, and if expired, they have to renew it.
5. Where the licence or road tax has less than six months left, the owner has to renew it in order to be able to claim six months’ subsidy.

By making it mandatory for owners to have valid licence and road tax, the government can increase its revenue and avoid giving subsidy to those with expired license and road tax.

By doing the above, it would simplify the process of subsidy for targeted M40 and B40 groups, instead of all.

I hope the government can implement the above in 2019.


  1. Bab ni zaza tak tau sgt sbb kete pun tak berapa pandai lagi bawak hehe.. So bab isi myk ni mmg xbrapa tau sgt lah

  2. Nice input Abam Kie. Subsidi sememangnya wajar diberikan kepada kumpulan sasar yang sebenar yang betul-betul memerlukan

  3. mama tak tau la mama ni kategori mana hihi tak penah amik tau

  4. boleh laksanakan tp kena teluslah...

  5. hu hu hu hu mcm2 :(
    turun kan jer la harga minyak secara general. kan ke adil.
    nak diskriminasi jer keje nyer!
    golongan pembyr cukai diabaikan sepenuhnya!


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