Here's what you as a citizen can do to make Malaysia a better place. New government, new habits, new era. You can make a difference in rebuilding this beautiful nation.

1. Be fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Both spoken and written. Mother tongue languages such as Chinese or Tamil should come in third. No excuses. 

2. Stand on the left side of escalators not just in train stations but everywhere including shopping malls.

3. Wait for people to exit the train or lifts before entering.

4. Clear your trays after eating at McD an KFC. Takes 2 minutes only.

5. Stop speaking Chinese when there are non-Chinese speakers around you for discussions and meetings. Learn to be tolerant.

6. Use signals when making a turn or switching lanes.

7. Stop offering bribes to police for weed or traffic offences.

8. Stop setting up canopies outside your house when you have parties. Set the canopy inside instead. Don't block the roads for your neighbors. This is our country not just yours.

9. Say please and thank you. Or Sila dan Terima Kasih.

10. Greet your bus drivers, cashiers and restaurant workers. Simple Hi is powerful enough.

11. Spot a pot hole or faulty streetlight, spend 5 minutes to lodge a report to your respective local council via online. It's easy. We all need to spend some time and energy to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. 

12. Report dirty restaurants to local councils too. Make use of your power as a rakyat and ratepayer. Lodge reports to respective agencies. All can be done online now.

13. Stop racial stereotyping people.

14. Learn to be on time. Mahathir is 93 years old and he's always on time. What's your excuse?

15. Stop for pedestrians on the road. 

16. Learn to separate your house waste. Recycle more.

17. Spend more time volunteering, join NGOs.

18. Stop littering. Start to flush after you're done in the toilet.

19. Use helmets if you're riding a bike. 

20. Don't smoke if there are non-smokers around you. Learn to respect.

21. Stop putting race requirements in job postings and properties rental.

Share this to everyone. No point having a new government if old habits don't die. Change starts from you. Yes you, the Rakyat of new Malaysia.

Credit to Hannah Yeoh