At my school there are many students who ride motorcycles without any license or a helmet.

These students have to park their motorcycles outside the school as the school authorities do not want to be held responsible for any mishap or accident in the school compound.

I understand that it is the same “culture” in other schools in Kelantan. The parents condone this practice.

My question is if these students are not made wary of the law from young, the blatant act will spur them to take the law for granted when they are adults.

Is this the example we wish to set for our children? It is no point blaming the teachers and headmasters who have their hands full with regards to discipline within the school.

The police should step in and cordon off the school and examine if the students have licenses or safety helmets. Maybe the reason why they don’t use safety helmets is there is no brain to protect!

If we allow this kind of behaviour and “culture” to take root, then the law makers should amend the law to allow school children below the age of 18 years to ride motorcycles without obtaining licenses. They can “graduate” to another school where they can drive motor vehicles without a license too.

If they were to suffer any mishap or even fatal accident, it is okay as there are many others to take their place.

I am not being sarcastic for any other reason other than to shake the tree of common sense and to put things right.

I want these children to live to a ripe old age but also to respect and abide by the laws of the land while growing up.

If they don’t get summoned and cautioned and their parents ticked off then the tree to me is barren and should be left to wilt and die.