As an experienced English teacher, I would like to share a few tips that I have been doing since I was a child to improve my English. I have to confess that I’m not even a very proficient English teacher actually; it just happened that I had to apply for a TESL course after SPM since my pure science subjects were not strong enough for me to survive at any matriculation centre. Believe me! And the tips that I’m going to write are actually just the basic ones, but maybe some of you out there had never tried it yet. And if you’re someone like my past, then it is highly recommended to you:

    READ: Yeah, I know you guys might already feel bored with this word, but no, I’m serious. Reading does not just limited to books, novels & magazines, but newspapers, blogs and websites as well. I even actually read the English subtitles whenever I watch Malay dramas or movies. Trust me, it is very fun!

    IMITATE: When I said imitate, I don’t mean to ask you to imitate your mother when she is nagging for your laziness! Haha. But instead, when you’re watching any English movies or dramas, try to imitate a dialogue or two that they said. This will help your tongue to be familiar with the English pronunciations. But not the cursing part, of course -.-

    SING A SONG!: This is another way to make your tongue familiar with the English pronunciations as well as adding your vocab. Of course when you’re singing you’ll find new words that you’ve never heard of before! So you’ll get the same advantage as the first & second tips when singing. 2 in 1!

    USE IT! : Whenever you got new vocabulary, don’t forget to write it somewhere (make a note book if possible). This will help you to remember the new words better & try to make a sentence or two using the word. This is a typical tip from my former English teachers actually ;)

    As for grammar, all the 4 tips above will indirectly helps us with that. Because I’m actually not even that good when it comes to grammar. I don’t really remember all those grammar rules, but I can detect if there’s something wrong with the sentence structure through my experience in reading lots of things. But to be a good speaker, you don’t have to pay too much attention on grammar, but more to the vocabulary used & the sentence structure (OK, it is still part of grammar actually, but you got what I meant right? =.= )

I think that’s enough from me now. Though I know I have been writing too much and I’m not even sure if there’s anyone going to read what I’m writing up until this point, but if you do, lots of thanks and hopefully my writing will benefit someone out there even if it’s only a little.

Till we meet again, bye! :D


  1. thank you for this great tips. I love to sing a song. I use to remember Linkin Park song "In The End" Lyric and sing it. At first, it was hard but when I repeat it again and again, it become easier.

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  2. haa..bagi la tips apa pun. memang payah nor nak blaja ckp english.hehe

  3. my mother is an English teacher for more than 20 years despite of her Malay Literature degree that she has. :)

    I practiced my English more when I go abroad as that's the only way to survive. Most of times, when we apply English here, people give weird look to us. *dah kenapa nak cakap omputih pulak, orang Melayu cakap Melayu je lah*. Well...

  4. Good tips! Memang membantu. Terima kasih! :)

  5. Arol memang suka baca sari kata drama atau filem sebab Arol pelajar terjemahan. Seronok! Lagi satu tips yang Arol amalkan ialah berkawan dengan orang yang suka cakap dalam BI. Yang tue tak susah sangat sebab majoriti coursemate Arol lebih suka cakap dalam BI. So bila bersembang, secara tak sedar kita pun cakap dalam BI jugak. :)

  6. oh my english..... hihihi

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  7. selalu guna tips pertama dengan ketiga tu mase spm dulu..skang dah tak buat...english pun dah berkarat cikgu -,-

  8. thanks 4 the tips.. I always use the tips above.. but still can't speaks fluently.. i hope someday i will speaks fluently.. :D


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