Are you still wondering what the opposite sex really wants in bed? Here are a few tips for both men and women that will come in handy next time. Browse through to find out more. Abe Kie fervently hopes the following tips can strengthen your sexual relationship. Give it a try, my friends!

Things men want: 

1. Be vocal

Yes, men love it when their women say what they want. Want more? Tell them straight. Loving what they're doing? Scream out loud!

2. Let him take charge

We all know who's boss, but sometimes men like to take control. Let him show you his masculine side. You won't regret it.

3. Talk dirty

A big turn-on for most men, they love it when their otherwise coy woman sheds inhibition and comes out with dirty, naughty words in the bedroom.

4. Be creative

Men can get bored easily. Be open to new tricks and ideas to keep him excited in bed. Look for fantasies that interest you both. 

5. Boost his confidence

While they may not always show it, men love compliments. Shower lavish praises on his physique and his moves; you’ll see his performance skyrocket! 

Things women want: 

1. Warm up with foreplay

Lots and lots of it! Every woman loves it when you start off with oodles of kissing, caressing, and cuddling. 

2. Use your lips and fingers

If you really want to please your woman, go all out when it comes to your lips and fingers. Be creative and put them to good use. 

3. Concentrate on the whole body

Yes, you read that right! Play with the nape of her neck, nibble her toes, kiss the back of her knees … the list is long!

4. Be confident

The best thing to wear — other than a condom — has to be confidence! 

5. Say the right things

Men may like dirty talk but with women, choose your words wisely. Compliments are better than comparisons, that's all Abe Kie's saying!