My dear friends, 
There are many ways to contribute to our society by giving sadaqah or charity as mentioned by Dr Mohammad Al Arifi..

✏#1:buy a chair and keep it in a mosque, whoever prays on it In sha Alah u will be rewarded for it..

✏#2: keep a bowl or glass of water on ur window for the birds, that's charity...make it a habit..u will be rewarded Inshaalah. .

✏#3: Old pair of socks, pajamas, put them in a packet, give it to any laborer on your way, it's sadaqah..

✏#4: keep a box in your room and put a sen or ringgit whenever u seem to have sinned, open the box after a month and give the cash for charity, make it a habit..

✏#5: write the dua of entering the house and leaving the house on two papers, stick it on the entrance of house, Inshaalah u will be rewarded for whoever will read it..

✏#6: sponsor an orphan from your pocket money..

✏#7: family gatherings that take place in farmhouses, take carton of juice with u and distribute it .

✏#8: if there is a construction going on around your house,get a box of water and juice ,refrigerate it, and give it to the laborers chilled, u will be rewarded In sha Alah.

✏#9: if u get the change at the petrol pump by the worker ask him whether he is a Muslim and let the change be with him, even if he was a non Muslim, be a good face for your religion. .

✏#10: keep a Quran in any mosque and get the reward for whoever reads even a single letter of it, a letter is multiplied into 10 times, imagine the reward In sha Allah. .

✏#11: if there is water left in your glass, put it in the flower pot..

✏#12: cheer any Muslim brother, especially those who are sad..

✏#13: smile to whom u pass by,greet to the one next to u and a good word is sadaqah.

✏#14: do not sleep until u have forgiven to whoever have hurt u..

✏#15: share this message to as many people as u can, it is sadaqah. .

NOTE:- It is very important to make a niyyah for every single sadaqah u do.