Shopping has been my favourite pastime since my university days. A young kampong boy who just set his foot on Kuala Lumpur soil was curious enough to explore every shopping mall in the city back in the early 90’s. From the elite one to the budget shopping mall, he had purchased at least one item from those places. Among the popular malls at that time were Globe Silk Store, Batu Road Supermarket, Keramat Supermarket, Yaohan, Hankyu Jaya, Mun Loong, Metrojaya, Pertama Complex and The Campbell, just to name a few. Most of his shopping was done alone as he hated to be disturbed while making his choice. And he never failed to come back with a few merchandises to show to his floor mates.

That’s was me when I was young, a shopaholic. But now, in my late thirties, I seldom go shopping as I have to spend more money on my daughters. They need new clothes as they grow up fast. I just change my pants and shirts when the need arises and it’s likely to happen once a year. When I go shopping I will buy my clothes in bulk so that I need not make a few trips to the mall. Last weekend I went to Pantai Timur Shopping Centre in Tanah Merah to buy two shirts and belts each and two pairs of trousers. Every time I buy pants, I have to alter their size to fit my body size. I am short and potbellied so some adjustments need to be made.

Lastly, shopping is definitely an enjoyable pastime for those who earn high income and not for the poor ones.