Parents should start saving for their children’s future since they were born. The Chinese and Jewish parents are known to have started planning for their newborns’ education even before they have yet to see the world. Bringing up children is not an easy task nowadays because we, parents, have to ensure our children are given the best education ever so that they will be equipped with the sufficient academic and religious knowledge.

I also save some money for my children’s education. This is compulsory as I don’t want to borrow money from other people when I need to send out my girls to colleges later. I started by keeping some money in ‘Lembaga Tabung Haji’ as this statutory body has the salary deduction service. This means I don’t have to go to any of its branch to deposit money.

In addition, I also open savings accounts at Maybank for them. But saving money in the local bank is not a practical way to invest your money. So, I also open Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 accounts with the hope that it will generate more bonuses for them. On top of that, my girls also have the SSPN (Sijil Simpnan Pendidikan Nasional) accounts each and the money will be withdrawn once they enroll at any public local universities.

Lastly, I also buy Takaful Malaysia certificates for them with the initial contribution of RM20. Small it may be, but it will come in handy when they need the money to further their studies.

In conclusion, I strongly encourage all parents out there to start saving some money for your children’s education. Don’t rely too much on the PTPTN as the cost of higher education is getting more expensive year by year.