Phua Chu Kang ( PCK ) explaining sex to Chu Beng's son, Aloysius.........

Aloy : Why is making love so enjoyable ?

PCK : Aiyah, ah boy, enjolable becaws, same like when you dig your nose with your finger mah!

Aloy : Do you think women enjoy sex more than men ?

PCK : Of course woman lah ! When you dig dig your nose, your nose feel better than your finger, right?

Aloy : Why do women hate it when they get raped ?

PCK : Ai-yah ! Say, you walk along the load, den someone come over and dig your nose, you like or not? Ehhh ? Don't pray pray ah !

Aloy : Why is it a woman cannot have sex when she is having her menses?

PCK : Oy !! If your nose bleeding, you still go and dig meh?? Siow ah!
Use your blain, use your blainnn ...........

Aloy : Why is it most men don't like wearing condoms when they are making love?

PCK : Ehhhh, when you dig your nose ah, you like to dig with a glove on your finger or not? Not the same shiok feeling mah. Corlight or not?

Aloy : Why is making love carried out in private ?

PCK : Ah boyyyyy, use your blain, use your blainnnnn ...............................
you go and dig your nose in flont of your whole class izit ?? Stupid lah!!

Aloy : Wah ...... Uncle Chu Kang, you are very good.

PCK : Aiyah ...... ,' Best in Singapore, JB, some say Batam, and now, the whole world! also ah!!!'

I think this is one of the best methods to teach our children about sex education. What do you think, my friends?


  1. lol...might be true as well daddy... ^_^... maybe this is one of the way of explaining it to them... good entry...

  2. hehe. phua chu kang mmg best in singapore and batam!

  3. hehehe..bijak2...ajar budk yg da baligh ok kot :D

  4. wah... ini jawapan boleh tiru kalau ada bebudak tanya ni... ;)


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