Back in my kampong, most of the villagers eagerly anticipated the Friday night as that was the only time for us to watch our favourite Malay movies on RTM1. In the 70s, only a few households owned television sets as our village was only supplied with electricity in September 1983. And the houses which had televisions in that era were those located near the primary school. 

So, after performing our Maghrib and Isyak prayers at the nearby ‘madrasah’, we headed for one of these houses. My uncle’s house was our favourite port as he also owned a sundry shop, so, before watching the show at 8.30 pm, we could have a bite of the snacks sold in his shop. Besides screening the late P.Ramlee’s films, RTM1 also had Merdeka Studio’s action flicks featuring our local hero Ed Osmera and other famous actors like Hussein Abu Hassan and Jins Shamsuddin. The show usually ended at 10.30 after which all of us went home on foot or by riding bicycles to hit the sack before another promising day started with brighter events. Watching Malay movies was indeed the only form of entertainment for my village folks in those days since it brought the whole village to a standstill.


  1. Memang ada sentimental value tv lama mcm ni. Black and white dan masih guna sistem analog. Sy ada lagi satu dlm store kat kampung. Zaman tv lama ni, mesti ada lesen tv kan.. hehehe
    Hootoh Tudia

    1. Salam. Ya. Masa dulu2 mmg ada lesen TV biarpun saluran ada dua je. Ingat ayah sy beli TV hitam putih thn 1984 n ditukar ke TV warna thn 1993 je. Maklum la masa tu miskin lagi.

  2. ni la yang orang kata barang rare. mana mau cari? hehehe...

  3. rindu kat tv ni. yg ada kat rumah sekarang, buat simpanan ja la tv ni. dah takleh nak guna, rosak -_-


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