Ketupat Sotong

This tasty food is made by putting glutinous rice into the cuttlefish and it is cooked with brown sugar or known as ‘gula melaka’ as its sauce. It is eaten with other traditional ‘ kuih ’.


It has a variety of colors and taste. It also has different names from one another based on the ingredients used. It is easy to get this food in Kelantan.


The ingredients are durian flesh and sugar. It takes a few hours to make the food well cooked.

Pulut Manis

This sweet dish is served as dessert. The main ingredient is glutinous rice which is cooked with brown sugar.

Pulut Bakar

The shape is round and it is wrapped in banana leaf. The taste is delicious and it has sweet aroma.

Pulut Panggang

The shape is oblong and it is wrapped in banana leaf. The cooked glutinous rice is saltless but the filling which is coconut flesh and fish fillet makes this ‘ kuih ’ the most favourite one.


  1. dad pulut bakar dengan pulut panggang tak same ker...alahai terliur rasa tengok makanan nie..huhu

  2. assalamualaikum ... pulut manis tu sama tak cam kuih wajik ? ... mcm sama jer ... heheheee ... saja tanya

  3. Yangpaling atas tu memang kegemaran.
    Ketupat sotong ! :D

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  5. Saya suka Gelembong Buaya tuh. Manis macam candy!


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